Hello, I'm

Zsolt Kovács

Software Engineer

When I was 6, I had a dream: I wanted to become a programmer. Since then, I’ve made everything I could towards that goal.

Now here I am, making my dream a reality.

What I can offer

Mobile Development

Desktop Development

My journey so far

  • 1999

    Humble beginnings

    The dream

    I saw a computer for the first time when my childhood friend got one for his birthday. I was instantly mesmerised by it. I dreamed about becoming a programmer one day.

  • 2008-2012

    High School

    The first steps

    My actual journey into programming began during high school, where I wrote my first lines of code in ANSI C.

    During these years, the most notable projects I have worked on were a hangman game and a battleships-like game playable against an AI.

  • 2012


    Started attending B.Sc. Computer Engineering courses at Sapientia University, Faculty of Technical and Human Sciences, Târgu-Mureș.

  • Freshman year

    Followed classes such as Programming in C, Algorithms and Data Structures, Programming in Matlab, Probability and Statistics, Numerical Analysis, Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebra, Analytical and Differential Geometry, Physics, Electrotechnics and Electronic Devices.

  • June 2013


    Diving into iOS Development

    I started my professional career at REEA. From an intern to an experienced iOS Developer, I've worked on many projects, new and ongoing, iOS 5 to iOS 8.

  • 2013

    Sophomore year

    Followed classes such as Object-Oriented Programming (Java), Advanced Programming Techniques (C++), Graph Theory, Operating Systems (I and II), Shell Programming and UNIX Utilization, Logical and Functional Programming (Haskell and Prolog), Databases, Digital Electronics, Logical Design (VHDL), Special Mathematics and Introduction to Systems Theory.

  • 2014

    Junior year

    Followed classes such as Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering, Formal Languages and Compilers, Computer Architecture, Microcontroller Design, Assembly Programming Language, Control Engineering, Computer Networks, Distributed Systems, Web Technologies, Mathematical Optimization, Systems Theory II and Modelling and Simulation.

  • Gave presentations about various topics during classes:

    • - Refactoring code and good programming practices (Software Engineering)
    • - The history and role of DNS (Distributed Networks)
  • July 2015

    Vitheia AS

    For a brief, 4 month period, I've worked at Vitheia AS. Being the sole iOS Developer at the company, I've implemented and successfully launched the Vitheia Surveillance application which is capable of parsing and displaying video and audio feeds of various formats, obtained from surveillance cameras.

  • 2015

    Senior year

    Followed classes such as Java Technologies, Image Processing, Cryptography and Information Security, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Digital Circuits, Programmable Digital Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Robotics, Special Chapters of Artificial Intelligence, Testing of Computer Systems and Computer Peripherals and Interfaces.

  • Gave presentation about:

    • - Clean code (Testing of Computer Systems)
  • November 2015

    Halcyon Mobile

    While working at Halcyon Mobile, I have the pleasure of working along with other talented iOS developers, of exploring and sharing new programming ideas every day, through which I'm able to constantly deepen my knowledge of both iOS development and software engineering.

    I was also able to experience working remotely for an extended period of time.

  • April 2016

    XV. Scientific Student Conference

    Attended the annual XV. Scientific Student Conference in the field of Computer Science and Software Development with a project titled Automated Supervision of Vulnerable People's Health, which was awarded a special prize for the most innovative project.

  • June 2016


    Graduated B.Sc. in Computer Engineering with honours.
  • July 2016

    Relocating for work

    After graduation, I was ready to experience what the world has to offer, so I began by relocating to Cluj-Napoca, dubbed by some as the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe.

Get in touch

My journey began in Târgu-Mureș, Romania, but I recently relocated to Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

While I'm currently employed, I'm curious by nature, so I'm always looking forward to the new opportunities either through remote work or relocation to Europe or North America.


You can contact me by: